Would you like to join Farm Bureau as an Individual (yourself) or as an Entity? (your company)? See description of membership types below.

This membership type is for an individual person and his or her spouse. The member can also add the "doing business as" name of his/her sole proprietorship to the membership ID Card and to the member's record. This membership belongs to the person and can only be shared with the person’s spouse.
Join for myself
This membership type is for a corporation, LLC, association, partnership, trust or other legal entity. The Entity (company) will own the membership, but can share it with one designated beneficiary who is a shareholder, partner, trustee, officer, or key employee. The company can designate or change the beneficiary at any time. This membership type also allows the company to establish a Company Manager to manage the online account, pay for memberships, and designate/change beneficiaries. (This membership type cannot be shared between a person and his/her spouse)